Outdoor signage

Outdoor signage comes with a whole range of different considerations. Weather elements such as the rain, wind and sun can impact the longevity of your signage, so it’s important that you get the right product and treatment in place.

Hawk Graffix has a wide selection to choose from in our outdoor range. We have included a summary of some of the popular outdoor signage options below, but we have the capacity and creativity to work with you to achieve whatever your outdoor signage requirements may be.  Click through on the headings below to visit our image gallery.

Real estate signs

We have a solid track record in delivering high quality signage for real estate agents and property developers and can help present your properties in the best possible light. 

Stretched (sail track) banners, building signage and wraps

Whether it’s an illuminated shop fascia or an impressive large-scale building wrap, we have your outdoor signage needs covered. A building wrap can capture the attention of commuters and pedestrians and help build brand awareness or highlight an office relocation or company launch. They can also be used to promote a building under construction.

Whatever your reason, a building wrap is impossible to ignore. Stretched banners are another effective option to cover construction sites or to use as roadside billboards during construction.


Billboards are high impact, weather resistance and can be an efficient way to deliver your message to a very large number of people. Talk to us about getting your advertisement produced to ensure your business gains the best visibility.


We have a range of outdoor banner options that can be produced in a matt, gloss or satin finish.  We ensure they receive the correct treatment so they are more fade resistant and less likely to be damaged if exposed to the weather. 

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